Alachua, FL Storm Damage Remediation

All year round, intense storms can show itself in many various forms. From hurricanes to ice, if you call FL home or across the Southeast, seasonal storms are never a surprise. If your property takes on severe damage during a storm, it is sometimes difficult to know how to get help. Paul Davis Restoration of North Central Florida team members work hard to bring your property back to normal.

Storm Damage Restoration Estimate

Paul Davis Restoration of North Central Florida specialists are experienced with handling those confusing days after inclement weather throughout Alachua. Our contractors are ready to deliver reasonable and precise quotes for damage caused by any kind of storm. Our estimates provide the amount of time and rate you can expect to remove the storm damage. No matter if it’s roof repair or recovering from wind damage, you can rely on Paul Davis Restoration. Our professionals are licensed and bonded in FL, the most available to repair your property. To go the extra step, we help with your insurance claims process.

Our Services

Repair for Roofs

Tornadoes and hurricanes often harm shingles with their strong winds and torrential rain. The Paul Davis Restoration team has roofing contractors on staff in Alachua ready to assist you. We work quickly and efficiently to make your roof good as new.

Damage from Wind

Strong winds from cells like funnel clouds can be a formidable foe. After a storm, common damage includes missing gutters, scattered debris or missing shingles.

Repairs for Wiring

Everybody needs electricity to keep their homes warm, cook meals and stay comfortable. However, your wiring is vulnerable to strong winds, rain and flying debris. The Paul Davis Restoration of North Central Florida team of specialists is ready for complex or minor rewiring after a storm.


Storms are a real threat when it comes to property damage. Paul Davis Restoration offers structural stabilization and rebuilding services in the instance that your property sustained damage by a storm. Whatever the size of the work, we will restore your property.

Paul Davis Restoration also offers water and mold damage elimination services.