Removing Damage from Floods for Cedar Key, FL

In FL, seasonal thunderstorms can cause flooding. That said, flood damage can also start with problems such as faulty pipes and malfunctioning appliances. Flood damage goes beyond common water damage, taking over entire levels or homes. The professionals at Paul Davis Restoration know how difficult this damage can be. To ensure your safety and comfort, we provide all-day flood damage cleanup to our customers across Cedar Key, FL. To improve our service, we can also assist you with the claims process.

What to Anticipate with Flood Damage Clean Up

Before we start work, we arrive on the scene on time to conduct a damage assessment. You’ll get an estimate on the work that needs to be completed before we initiate any restoration work. With so much training in flash flood damage restoration throughout Cedar Key, we are qualified to give the best estimate.

Eliminating Pooling Water

When you agree to the quote, we can start removing flood water on your property. We work with specialized pumps to eliminate as much flood water as possible. The probability of hazardous mold damage lowers once this clean up procedure is done. We locate moisture using specialized moisture detectors inside your drywall.

Airing Out Your Home

Your property may not be completely ready, even when we’ve removed plenty of moisture. If the flood is pervasive enough, we may need to clean space below the floor. The Paul Davis Restoration of North Central Florida contractors accelerate the ventilation process with powerful fans and dehumidifiers. To avoid hazardous mold growth, our team will work carefully.

Sanitizing the Affected Area

When a flood affects your property, a stale smell can hang around inside. With help from specialists, you can avoid the smell from sticking to fabric surfaces in your home such as draperies and furniture.

Cosmetic Restoration

Whether flooding came from artificial or natural causes, flood damage can hurt your property with condensation, cracked paint and rusty metal. This could leave you overwhelmed with the amount of maintenance that needs to be completed. If you request Paul Davis Restoration of North Central Florida, you can feel confident our trained experts can reverse the flood damage in and outside.

Call Us Immediately

The Paul Davis Restoration of North Central Florida staff is ready to treat flood damage any time you need it. Our team goes above and beyond to remedy property damage of all types. We know that living with flood damage is tough, so we also assist in filing insurance claims. Book an assessment today to begin recovery.