Cross City, FL Storm Damage Repair

The South and FL are notorious for fickle storms. Thunderstorms, tornadoes and ice, storm damage show up in many different forms. If your property sustains severe damage during a storm, it can be tricky to know what to do next. Paul Davis Restoration of North Central Florida and our staff strive to restore your property back to its pre-storm state.

Storm Damage Restoration Estimate

The Paul Davis professionals have experience in helping others through the confusing moments after storms strike around Cross City. Our team is prepared to deliver affordable and accurate quotes for damage from any kind of storm. These quotes include the total time and money the cleanup and restoration. No matter if you need roof repair or remedying wind damage, you can count on Paul Davis Restoration. Insured, bonded and licensed, our team is ready to complete any job. To go the extra step, we help with your insurance claims process.

What We Do

Maintenance for Roofs

Tornadoes and hurricanes often harm roofs with their strong winds and heavy rain. The Paul Davis Restoration team has roofing contractors available across Cross City prepared to assist you. We leave your roof looking better than before with our quick and efficient professionals.

Damage from Extreme Winds

Heavy winds from cells like tropical storms are a force to be reckoned with. Wind create a range of problems, from bending siding to littering debris in your yard.

Repairs for Wiring

Wiring is an essential part of almost everything you do. Unfortunately, your wiring is vulnerable to heavy wind, flooding and flying debris. The Paul Davis Restoration of North Central Florida team of contractors is available for complex or easy rewiring after a storm.


Storms can be strong enough to knock down whole buildings. If your property is wrecked by a storm, Our team offers reconstruction services to rebuild your home. Whatever the size of the damage, we can restore your property.

We also offer water and mold damage removal services.