Fire Damage Repair Professional Advice – Preparing for a House Fire

The fire damage restoration professionals at Paul Davis know how detrimental home fires are. Not only can home fires demolish your home and personal belongings, but they are emotionally unsettling and make you feel unsafe. Fires can occur in a matter of minutes and can be caused by lots of things, so a lot of the time they’re out of your control such as your neighbor’s house being on fire or natural disasters. However, there are a few precautions you can take to minimize the dangers of a home fire in your home.

The Gravity of Fire Escape Strategies

One of the more important things you can do to prepare for a home fire is to have safety measures ready. Since not all fires are preventable, being safe is essential. Every home needs the proper amount of smoke alarms and fire extinguishers located around the property. Additionally, you should consider getting smoke alarms that trigger from smoke that is produced by electrical fires because faulty wiring is one of the main causes of home fires. Kids in the home should be instructed on what the smoke alarm sounds like when it goes off and what to do when it does.

Execute fire escape routes and ensure everyone is informed of them. There should be two exits out of each room in the house. Also, you’ll want to have a designated meeting location outside of the house so that you‘re sure everyone gets out securely.

Another thing you need to do is protect your valuable items such as birth certificates, passports and photographs. You can create digital replicas and store them into a cloud drive as a backup, and you can purchase a strong box to keep the real copies safe as well. Lastly, take inventory of all your personal belongings for insurance reasons in case they’re engulfed by the flames.

What to Be Conscious of to Minimize House Fire Risk

Even though some fires aren’t preventable, there are a few things you can do to minimize the odds of a fire from occurring in your home:

  • Smoking: Inside smoking makes your house susceptible to home fires, so the finest approach to avoid a disaster is to smoke outdoors. If you do smoke indoors, have the proper ashtrays to stop a cigarette or cigar from falling onto the ground. But if someone in the house is on oxygen, do not smoke indoors because oxygen is highly combustible.
  • Children: Train your kids that fire is not a toy, and make sure to store your lighters and matches in a place that’s out of reach and out of sight.
  • Fireplaces: Getting a legitimate fireplace screen is necessary for the safety of your house and everyone in it. Ensure that it is sturdy enough to catch flares and rolling logs. Also, you need to clean your fireplace and chimney consistently to clear away the intensely flammable creosote that builds up.
  • Portable Heaters: Not under any circumstance should you leave a space heater neglected, and keep flammable objects three feet away from it. It’s also imperative for your space heater to contain the correct safety features. For example, the heater shuts off when it falls over.
  • Appliances and Electrical: Perform a periodic examination on your appliances and ensure the plugs and cords are in good condition. Also, when your light switches are hot to the touch, then it’s time to replace them.
  • Cooking: It’s important to be attentive in the kitchen and to not leave food being cooked unattended. Without exception have someone there to keep an eye on everything going on.

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