Fort White Storm Damage Specialists

Throughout the year, strong storms can show itself in many different ways. From thunderstorms to ice, if you live in FL or anywhere in the South, strong storms are old news. If your property takes on any damage from a storm, it can be tricky to know what to do next. Paul Davis Restoration of North Central Florida team members work hard to restore your property back to its pre-storm state.

Storm Damage Remediation Quote

Years of experience around Fort White has left the Paul Davis Restoration team with the knowledge needed to be effective with storm damage. Whatever kind of storm hits, we offer fair and accurate quotes for our work. Our estimates include the timeline and rate you can expect to fix the storm damage. You can count on us, whether you need repairs for your roof or new windows. Our professionals are licensed and bonded through FL, always qualified to restore your property. Additionally, we work with you during the insurance claims process, to make sure you receive the coverage you need.

What We Do

Roof Repair

During storms with strong winds, damaging rain or blowing debris, your roof may sustain serious damage through a storm. The Paul Davis Restoration team has roofing contractors available across Fort White ready to work for you. We move quickly and effectively to make your roof better than before.

Wind Damage

Whether it’s from a intense tornado or tropical storm, wind is a destructive force to be reckoned with. The day after a storm, common damage includes torn gutters, littered debris or missing shingles.

Restoration for Electrical Systems

Electricity is an essential utility for just about everything you do. Unfortunately, your electrical lines can be vulnerable to heavy wind, rain and debris. Our team of electricians is available for intricate or simple rewiring after a storm.

Structural Stabilization

Tornadoes and hurricanes are forces to be reckoned with for homes and businesses in Fort White. If your home or business is leveled by a storm, Our team provides structural stabilization to restore your home. Whether a storm knocked out a wall or your whole property, we will return your home to its original state.

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