Prepare & Plan for a Home Fire – Advice from Fire Damage Restoration Experts

As far as destructive disasters go there aren’t many events as stunning as a fire that ruins your property and belongings. A fire in your home is a harrowing and an emotionally exhausting situation, whether it destroys everything or not. Nevertheless, there are specific precautions you can take to lessen the likelihood of a fire from occurring in your residence. The fire damage restoration team at Paul Davis understands the severe situation of house fires and that’s why it’s vital to know how to plan and prepare your residence and what to do when a fire occurs.

Design and Implement a Fire Escape Strategy for Your Property

One of the more critical things you can do to plan for a house fire is to have safety rules in place. Because not all fires are preventable, being safe is fundamental. Every residence needs the correct amount of smoke alarms and fire extinguishers set around the property. You should also consider purchasing smoke alarms that trigger from smoke that is produced by electrical fires since faulty wiring is one of the primary causes of house fires. Kids in the house should be educated on what the smoke alarm sounds like when it goes off and what to do when this occurs.

Next, get your fire escape program in place. Everyone in the home needs to know two ways to get out from each room and where to congregate outside when a fire occurs. Also, make sure that all members of the household know how to call 911 in the situation of an emergency.

Taking inventory of your personal property is an excellent idea for insurance reasons in case all your property is destroyed by the flames. Additionally, you’ll want to preserve important items like passports and birth certificates in a fire safe box, and you can make digital copies and upload them to a cloud drive for added measure.

Things to Think About to Lessen Home Fire Hazards

Despite the fact that some fires are out of your control, there are some precautions you need to implement to prevent a house fire:

  • Smoking: Outdoor smoking is the a great method to counter a house fire from happening. Don’t smoke inside if someone in the property is on oxygen since it is very combustible. When you smoke inside, don’t smoke in bed and while drowsy and have ashtrays that are deep.
  • Children: Explain to your kids that fire is not a toy, and make sure to keep your matches and lighters in a spot that’s out of sight and out of reach.
  • Fireplaces: Getting a legitimate screen for your fireplace is integral for the safety of your home and everybody in it. Ensure that it is durable enough to stop sparks and logs that roll. You also need to clean and maintain your fireplace routinely to remove the extremely flammable creosote that builds up.
  • Portable Heaters: Guarantee your heater has a thermostat and a control mechanism, and it needs to switch off if the heater falls over.
  • Appliances and Electrical: Make sure to do a habitual examination on your appliances and make sure the cords and plugs are in good condition. Also, when switches for your lights are hot to the touch, then it’s time to replace them.
  • Cooking: Always stay in the kitchen during the time food is in the oven or on the stove and don’t leave it alone. When you have to leave the kitchen, get somebody to keep an eye on the food until you return.

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