Recovering from Flooding in Horseshoe Beach, FL

In the South, heavy thunderstorms can cause flooding. However, flood damage can also be caused by problems like faulty pipes and malfunctioning appliances. Flood damage is worse than simple water damage, overtaking entire levels or homes. Thankfully, Paul Davis specialists are well versed in removing this devastating damage. To guarantee your wellbeing and security, we provide all-day flood damage remediation to our customers across Horseshoe Beach, FL. Along with fast and efficient cleanup, we also assist you with the insurance filing process.

The Paul Davis System

As soon as our team arrives, we conduct an evaluation of the flood on your property. We give you a quote on the progress that must be started prior to initiating any clean up work. With so much training in flash flood damage remediation throughout Horseshoe Beach, we are qualified to provide the most accurate quote.

Removing Extra Water

We quickly begin draining stagnant flood water from your space once you agree to our cost assessment. We use specialized pumps to remove as much flood water as we can. Eliminating additional water decreases the chances of mold growth later. With the help of moisture detectors, we can find concealed water in drywall and beneath the floors.

Aerating Your Property

Your rooms may not be completely ready, even when we’ve removed plenty of water. If the flood is severe enough, we may have to clean space below the floor. The Paul Davis specialists speed up the ventilation process with powerful fans and dehumidifiers. To prevent unhealthy mold growth, our staff will follow established procedures.

Sanitizing Your Space

When a flash flood hits your home, a stale smell can stick inside. If you get professional help, you can avoid this odor from soaking into to fabric surfaces in your home like blankets and chairs.

Infrastructure Fixes

Whether flooding came from manmade or natural sources, the damage they leave can hurt your property with water stains, stained wallpaper and rusty metal. This could leave you overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be completed. The specialists from Paul Davis Restoration of North Central Florida are experienced in treatment methods required to remove flood damage indoors and out.

Call Us Today

Flooding of any kind is devastating, but help is available from the specialists with Paul Davis Restoration of North Central Florida. With so many decades of excellence, we shine in a variety of restoration methods. We also assist with the insurance claims process to improve your recovery experience. Contact us now to get an evaluation.