Storm Damage Removal in Lee

The South and FL are well known for intense weather. Hurricanes, funnel clouds and hail, weather damage show up in many unique forms. If a storm damages your roof, siding or leaves tons of debris in your property, it may be difficult to know when to begin restoration. Paul Davis Restoration Services work hard to begin rebuilding storm damage around your home or business when serious storms hit.

Storm Damage Remediation Quote

Decades of experience in Lee has left the our staff with the talent required to be effective with storm damage. Our contractors are prepared to deliver affordable and accurate quotes for damage caused by any type of storm. Our quotes include the amount of time and cost you can anticipate to reverse the storm damage. You can depend on us, no matter if you want repairs for your roof or replacement windows. Always fully qualified, our contractors are qualified to handle any job. To go the extra mile, we assist with your insurance provider to file a claim.

Our Services

Roof Maintenance

Tornadoes and hurricanes can damage shingles with intense winds and heavy rain. Paul Davis Restoration of North Central Florida staff has roofers on staff across Lee prepared to work for you. We leave your roof looking better than before with our quick and effective professionals.

Wind Damage

Whether from a intense funnel cloud or hurricane, wind is a serious force of nature. The day after a storm, common damage includes torn gutters, littered debris or missing shingles.

Fuse Mending

Everyone needs electricity to keep their homes warm, cook meals and stay comfortable. When a tornado or something more severe hits and takes out your power, it may be hard to recover. Our staff of specialists is ready for complex or simple rewiring after a storm.


Hurricanes and tornadoes can be strong enough to destroy whole properties. Paul Davis Restoration of North Central Florida conducts reconstruction help and rebuilding services in the instance that your property sustained damage by a storm. Whatever the amount of damage, we will mend your home or business.

Paul Davis Restoration also offers water and mold damage elimination services.