Old Town, FL Flood Damage Experts

In the South, seasonal rains and storms can create flash floods. However, flood damage can also be caused by problems such as busted pipes and malfunctioning appliances. Flood damage is worse than minor water damage, overtaking entire floors or buildings. Thankfully, Paul Davis Restoration pros are well versed in eliminating this type of damage. This is why we offer around the clock cleanup for flood damage to homes and businesses throughout the Old Town, FL region. In addition to quick and correctly executed remediation, we also assist you with the insurance filing process.

The Clean Up Process

When our experts arrive, we perform a damage evaluation of your property. We tell you the extent of the damage, a damage estimate and how long the work could take. We can present the closest quote because our staff around Old Town, FL have training in flood damage repair.

Draining the Area

We quickly start removing remaining flood water from your space after you agree to our cost quote. To remove all the flood we can, the Paul Davis experts use water pumps. The likelihood of hazardous mold growth decreases as soon as this clean up process is done. With the use of moisture detectors, we pinpoint hidden moisture in walls and in the subfloor.

Clearing the Air

Although we remove the standing flood water, the work isn’t over. We may need to take out carpets to avoid additional damage to the subfloor. We aid in the ventilation process with strong fans and dehumidifiers. To prevent hazardous mold growth, our staff will follow established guidelines.

Cleaning the Affected Area

When a flood hits your home, a stale smell can stick inside. If you don’t intervene, you might be stuck with this smell on fabrics and all over your property.

Cosmetic Repairs

Flooding can leave water stains, cracked wallpaper, rusty metal and warped doorways. With so much to fix, you might feel overwhelmed. The contractors from Paul Davis Restoration of North Central Florida are experienced in remediation methods needed to reverse flood damage indoors and out.

Contact Us Today

The Paul Davis Restoration of North Central Florida staff is available to remove flood damage any time you need it. After decades of experience, we are the leader in a variety of repair methods. We know that dealing with flood damage is stressful, so we collaborate with you during filing insurance claims. Reserve a quote today to begin recovery.