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Storm damage

Storm Damage Restoration in Gainesville

Throughout the year, intense weather shows itself in several different forms. From thunderstorms to ice, if you call FL home or anywhere in the Southeast, these storms are nothing new. If your home or business takes on significant damage from a storm, it is sometimes hard to know how to get help. Paul Davis Restoration Services strive to begin recovering from storm damage around your home or business whenever serious storms strike.

Storm Damage Restoration Estimate

The Paul Davis specialists are experienced with helping others through the strange days after inclement weather in Gainesville. Our contractors are prepared to give you reasonable and precise quotes for damage from all varieties of storms. Our quotes provide the timeline and rate you can expect to fix the storm damage. No matter if you need repairs for your roof or recovering from wind damage, you can rely on Paul Davis Restoration. Insured, bonded and licensed, our contractors are qualified to complete whatever Mother Nature throws at us. To go the extra mile, we help with your insurance provider to file a claim.

What We Do

Maintenance for Roofs

In the case of high winds, torrential rainfall or blowing debris, your roof may deal with serious damage through a storm. The roofers on our staff in Gainesville are always prepared to repair shingles or your whole roof. We work fast and effectively to make your roof good as new.

Damage from High Winds

Intense winds from cells like tornadoes are a formidable foe. Wind can cause damage in a variety of ways, from bending siding to scattering debris around your yard.

Mending Wiring

Everyone uses electricity to stay warm, make meals and stay entertained. However, your wiring is vulnerable to heavy wind, flooding and flying debris. With a fleet of electricians on our side, Paul Davis Restoration will provide assistance to conduct rewiring at any point after the storm.


Hurricanes and tornadoes can be destructive enough to destroy entire properties. If your property is leveled from a storm, Our team provides reconstruction services to rebuild your property. Whatever the amount of damage, we will mend your home or business.

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